Fellows Testimonials

Words from Cohort 1

“I have a better appreciation for how I need to communicate to my peers and researchers, particularly around direct feedback and the value of our work.”

“I came back feeling like I had a lot to offer in my job. I regained some of my lost confidence through participating in session 1. My biggest learning was that all of our natural preferences are just that, preferences. I can change my response to meet specific situations.”

“I learned exactly what I need to focus on as a leader (organizational skills/providing structure for my team) and learned a lot about why I struggle to address conflict situations and have difficult conversations.”

“The (first) session offered a great balance of self-reflection, group feedback and role-playing that helped me to understand the various topics we learned around leadership styles and skills. In particular, small group interactions made me feel more comfortable in sharing where I had struggles and where I had successes in my leadership journey.”

“Engaging exercises were the key. I enjoyed spending time with my peer coaching group- my peers were able to help me articulate some of my goals. Receiving so much feedback on myself was overwhelming, but the pace was good. I am glad we spent time moving past just an awareness of our leadership styles and competencies, but began developing a plan to lead. The facilitators were kind of the best .... ever!”

“It's been life-changing and it feels amazing.”

“I've endeavored to display more managerial courage and agility.”

“Prior to my participation in the IAspire Leadership Session, I would have been very conscience leading tense discussions and fearful of what everyone perceived of me. For the first time, I approached a conflict in a very intentional way using the tools we learned during the difficult conversations exercise. The sense of "doom" and fear of the perceptions that everyone had of me just wasn't there. In fact, the leadership of both colleges commended me on how the situation was approached and handled.”