Aspire IChange Network Resources

During the course of working with over 50 universities across the country in a three year self-assessment and action planning process, the IChange Network has developed a variety of tools to help campuses examine how they look, act, and feel.

Until summer 2022, these resources were only available to members of the IChange Network. We have now made these resources available to everyone. Check back often, as additional resources will be made public as they are finalized for general use.

IChange Network Institutional Self-Assessment and Guidebook

Looking to increase the diversity of your STEM and non-STEM faculty, but unsure of the next steps? The IChange Network Institutional Self-Assessment Policy & Practice will provide you with a starting point to examine your campus' strengths and areas for improvement, laying a foundation for creating an institutional action plan for change.

  • A Guidebook for Campus Self-Assessment and Action Planning to Enhance STEM Faculty Diversity and Inclusion

  • Institutional Self Assessment -- Part I. Policy and Practice Audit

  • Institutional Self-Assessment -- Part I. Data Template