National Change Initiative

The NSF Aspire Alliance National Change Team focuses on creating and disseminating professional development for future and current faculty about inclusive teaching, research mentoring and faculty advising. In order to align and reinforce professional development practices simultaneously at Institutional, Regional and National levels, the National Change Team is partnering with institutions, disciplinary research societies and professional organizations. The Team is developing face-to-face and synchronous online workshops and trainings, as well as a Train-the-Trainer approach of dissemination.

Framework identifying three core domains - Identity, Intercultural, and Relational - which underlie inclusive practices in professional contexts.

Current and past professional development opportunities including webinars, workshops, short courses, and institutes.

Guides, toolkits, and publications supporting continued engagement in knowledge, attitudes, and skills associated with inclusive practices.

National Change Spotlight

In this video, National Change co-leads Robin Greenler and Don Gillian-Daniel provide a brief introduction to the Inclusive Professional Framework (IPF) and discuss upcoming programming. Learn more on our IPF webpage.

Come see the Aspire National Change Team give a pre-conference workshop "Promoting Underrepresented Minority Student Academic Success Using an Inclusive Professional Framework" at the 2021 NACADA Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 6-9, 2021.

Description: Faculty play a key role in the academic success of underrepresented undergraduate students. Key to this is their ability to be inclusive in their teaching, mentoring in research settings and advising. The NSF INCLUDES Aspire Alliance promotes underrepresented minority student academic achievement, and effects change by aligning and reinforcing both professional development and hiring practices of diverse and inclusive Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) faculty. Aspire has developed an Inclusive Professional Framework for Faculty (IPF: Faculty), which is grounded in research and theory, and engages faculty in the development of foundational skills that promote increased student academic success. We will engage participants in this session through presentation, discussion, case-based scenarios, as well as individual and group reflection. The facilitators will introduce Aspire's IPF: Faculty, and guide participants through hands-on activities to think about the following: (a) self and student identity, and the impact identity has on learning, (b) intercultural skills to promote learning, and (c) communication and relational skills more broadly. Participants will leave the session having engaged in these activities, and considered practical applications for the IPF: Faculty in training current and future faculty for their numerous roles on their own campuses.

This report takes a look at "boundary spanners", key individuals focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) who play a crucial part in connecting ideas, resources, and stakeholders within and between professional societies to influence and enact change. The NSF INCLUDES Aspire Alliance postulates that synchronizing DEI training and the efforts of these boundary spanners could facilitate multi-society awareness and adoption of evidence-based DEI policies and practices within and between these societies.

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