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Getting hired at a community college: Tips and Strategies from faculty on Hiring Panels

Feb 27, 12pm CST

Learn hiring tips from faculty that serve on or work closely with hiring committees at community colleges. How might the interview differ from that of a 4-year teaching or research university? What factors should you consider in preparing your application materials and teaching demonstration? What are some common do's and don'ts of seeking a job at a community college? Join us to learn the answer to these questions and more.

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Introduction to Teaching at a Community College

Jan 30, 12:00pm CST

Have you ever considered a teaching career at a community college? This career can have a high impact on students beginning their higher education journey and often includes a strong community focused work environment. The panel of faculty will discuss their experiences working in community colleges. The discussion will include equity and diversity at community colleges, panelists career trajectories, what they appreciate most about working at community colleges, and common misconceptions about the career. Bring your questions and prepare to explore this wonderful career path.

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Teaching in the Community College Setting

Mar 19, at 12pm CST

Community colleges are truly diverse settings, attracting individuals from all different walks of life with a common interest in advancing their education. If you are interested in exploring a career at a community college, then understanding the diversity of their student populations is crucial. This panel consisting of faculty and administrators from various community colleges will share insights on student diversity. We will also explore the types of inclusive teaching strategies that best support community college students and help to create more equitable classrooms.

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Past Events

November 8, 2019, Community College Teaching Job Packet Readiness Luncheon

September 25, 2019, Kirkwood Future Faculty Visit Day

April 23, 2019, DMACC Future Faculty Visit Day

On April 23, 1-4pm, 26 graduate students and postdocs from Iowa State University and University of Northern Iowa joined Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) Ankeny Campus "Future Faculty Visit day". This visit day included a campus tour and two panel sessions. The first administrative panel included five speakers: Dr. Kari Hensen, Associate Dean of Science, Engineering, Math and Social Sciences; Dr. Jennifer Owenson, Executive Director, Human Resources; Dr. Jim Casey, Associate Executive Director, Human Resources; Deb Koua, Director, Grants and Contracts; Dr. Anna Conway, Director of Teaching and Learning. The speakers introduced the history and development of DMACC, as well as existing programs. Panelists also introduced Aspire NSF INCLUDES teaching practicum program, Aspire Iowa Regional Collaborative, and other teaching opportunities for graduate students. At the faculty panel session, five STEM professors shared their teaching experience from diverse perspectives. After the panel, students had good conversations with panelists.