Announcing Planning Grants for New Regional Collaboratives

The need to increase the diversity of STEM faculty is acute in 2-year colleges. While the proportion of underrepresented students these institutions serve continues to increase relative to 4-year institutions, there are comparatively few faculty members who share the racial and ethnic backgrounds of the students they teach. One change strategy is to intentionally prepare graduate students and qualified professionals from historically underrepresented groups (URG) to teach at community colleges. Such change can be accomplished regionally (and eventually, nationally) through local partnerships between 2-year colleges and 4-year universities. Emergent research has suggested that many 2-year faculty members are employed in the same state where they completed their graduate education, albeit with varied paths to a 2-year faculty position; over half of current community college STEM faculty with master’s degrees worked elsewhere before taking their 2-year position, while almost three-quarters of faculty with doctorate recipients did so.

Request for Applications for Planning Proposals

We are requesting applications for planning proposals submitted by at least two individuals, one from a community college and a 4-year university within the same region of the country, to act as "co-leads" for this award. The co-leads would be responsible for beginning to plan the work of building partnerships, and/or taking advantage of already existing partnerships between 2-year colleges and 4-year universities, with the goal of increasing the diversity of STEM faculty in 2-year colleges in their region.

RFP Deadline is January 15, 2021 (11:59 pm ET)

  • RFP instructions are here.

  • Submission form is here.

  • A white paper describing Regional Collaboratives to provide additional information is here.

Please contact Craig Ogilvie, or Lisa Berry, if you would like more information.