Texas Regional Collaborative

News and Events

Year 2019 Spring

UTEP hosted its first practicum experience in the Spring of 2019. A total of 7 students were selected from a competitive pool of UTEP graduate students to experience an interactive experience. Each student was assigned a mentor both from the two-year and four-year institutions, which followed a triad mentorship-protégé model. All the selected students were regularly provided with resources and workshops to enhance their practicum experience. The students were provided with a stipend for the practicum experience and were expected to complete a compulsory survey.

Year 2019 Summer and Fall

UTEP will begin the process of recruiting students for Spring 2019 internship program. The process will include an awareness workshop organized by the UTEP Graduate School in which all graduate students will be invited to meet and greet El Paso Community College faculty and administrators. In Spring 2020, UTEP will offer an enhanced version of its fellowship program, which will include opportunities to execute teaching plans at El Paso Community College. At the end of the academic cycle, UTEP will begin to disseminate their triad mentorship-protégé model that has been the basis for the internship program.