Reflection Lab: Aspire to Impact

THE NSF Eddie Bernice Johnson INCLUDES Aspire Alliance Outcome Reports

As the NSF Eddie Bernice Johnson INCLUDES Aspire Alliance nears the end of its initial funding, the project has produced four outcome reports reflecting on the Alliance and its contributions to cultivating diversity and inclusivity for STEM faculty through the four overarching project goals (Inclusivity, Diversity, Culture, and Collaboration). These products reflect the Regional Change, National Change, Institutional Change, and Research Team initiatives, as well as data visualizations provided by the Evaluation Team, and their contributions to these goals over time. 

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Goal 1: Inclusive Faculty

Deepen the preparation of all STEM faculty to be inclusive and effective in their undergraduate teaching, research mentoring, and advising. 

Goal 2: Diverse Faculty

Diversify the faculty through effective recruitment, hiring, and retention of URG STEM faculty via institutional transformation in practices, policies, and resources. 

Goal 3: Culture

Foster institutional cultures that recognize and value inclusivity and diversity broadly, and in the context of STEM faculty work specifically. 

Goal 4: Collaboration 

Building collaborative infrastructure with a focus on equitable, inclusive shared leadership.