The IChange Initiative

The Institutional Change Initiative (IChange) seeks to cultivate institutions where STEM faculty from underrepresented groups (URGs) are widely recruited, hired, and retained, and all STEM faculty employ inclusive teaching, advising, and research mentoring practices. Institutional change requires a multilevel strategy of mutually reinforcing activities, including self-understanding, identification of levers for change, and use of resources for action.

The IChange Network is comprised of annual cohorts of institutions committed to advancing Aspire's three strategic goals.

In particular, IChange Network members engage in a three-year systematic change initiative to cultivate a more inclusive and diverse campus cultures; develop inclusive practices for all STEM faculty; and, to implement effective recruitment, hiring and retention practices to diversify STEM faculty.

The IThrive Collective aims to establish a nurturing environment for BIPOC and other URG STEM faculty across the country. Members support each others’ growth, leadership, and scholarship, helping each scholar to thrive, by sharing resources, information, and networks.

The IAspire Leadership Academy elevates the preparedness of academic leaders from underrepresented groups so they can aspire to and succeed in more senior leadership roles.

Fellows gain critical leadership skills across numerous competencies and learn how to lead more effectively in increasingly complex environments and build confidence to influence institutional transformation.